Wednesday, September 18, 2013



After a fun, but extremely difficult (for us) audition process the Acabellas have proudly chosen 6 new members to join our group! Everyone who auditioned was so talented that it made choosing practically impossible but we are thrilled to introduce...

Soprano 1 Anna-Maria Forger

Alto 1s   Erin Woodman                      and                        Mckenzie Bergan

And last but not least

Alto 2s   Kathryn Miyahira            Colleen Daugherty- Costa               and                   Liz Persons


We're so excited to start teaching these girls our old music and get cracking on some new stuff as well! Stay tuned for music and concert updates as the semester progresses and make sure to congratulate our baby Bellas when you see them around campus!

The Acabellas

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